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Welcome to The Canmore Singers!

This is an open letter for the official members of The Canmore Singers.

Hello singer,

Congratulations on becoming a member of The Canmore Singers. The healing of music is very timely. During the 2020 pandemic, many of us felt helpless, but we survived the year and entered 2021 with positivity. Just like you, I love singing. I've always wanted to start a choir group in our beloved town of Canmore. I thought I would have to cancel my plan because singing is a risky activity in transmitting the virus. But, for the love of God, we have the technology. Almost everything can happen through technology. It's time to put my degree in IT into use.

The idea of a virtual choir is to provide performance using videos. The conductor will be responsible for providing study materials for the group and timelines for the project. The member's responsibility is to comply with the timelines, give their best efforts and follow their passion for singing in a choir setting. For the first project, we will be collaborating with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra singing the Canadian national anthem, "Oh Canada." Here is the instrumental version that we will follow:

The team goal, as a choir, is uniformity. We have to do our best to sing in a group where everybody is synchronized and equal. We will work as a team, so your kind cooperation is valuable to our ussuccess. To promote uniformity, we have to have the same values, which is a love for music. We will all try to sing with simplicity focusing on madrigal style, although we do not need to be too technical. We want to sing every note with mindfulness. We will prevent using riffs and runs or RnB style. Your openness to learning is essential for the success of our choir. If things start to get complicated for you, please reach out to me. Remember, if you can do your best, that should be a sufficient requirement.

Here is an example of singing we will follow. Please do not be intimidated, just do your best:

When it comes to recording your video for the performance, you will have to follow the material provided in an earphone. This will produce a quality video. You must submit your projects on time because our staff are volunteers.

To add, we will develop an attitude of humility. In Filipino sayings, they say to be bamboo. The taller the bamboo grows, the lower it bows down. We want to tell people that we are humble and as we succeed, we will not forget where we started. We want to show that we are not the best in the world but we do our best.

Anyway, here is the current timeline of the group:

* December 30, 2020 - The group was created and announced in the Facebook community

* December 31, 2020 - The auditions were opened up

* January 10, 2020 - Deadline for the first wave of auditions

* January 17, 2020 - Deadline for the second wave of auditions

* January 21, 2020 - Deadline for the third wave of auditions

In summary, please celebrate becoming a member of The Canmore Singers. As your conductor, all I ask is your best effort and your positive attitude. I have multiple ways to be reached, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Your conductor,

Jyn San Miguel

To help promote our group, please like and share our Facebook page:

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