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We Are All Stardust

The elements in our body build us up as a biological beings. We are composed of many elements such as hydrogen, carbon, iron, oxygen and many more. Theoretically, all these elements came from one element - hydrogen.

Northen Lights at Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Hydrogen atoms makes up the core of the stars in the universe. Eventually, because of nuclear collisions of hydrogen atoms produce helium. Eventually, these atoms collide and/or infuse with other atoms producing even more complex elements. Over time, these elements became more stars, planets, mountains, forests, humans and every matter as we know it.

Everyone can claim then that we are all from stardust. It can make someone think how little we can be knowing where our body came from. If we are having a day that we feel low, we can look up to the sky and remember that we came from those above up. We are all stardust.

Quarry Lake in Canmore

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