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Unofficial: Justin Trudeau to Stay as Prime Minister

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

The official election day was yesterday. So far the result shows that the Liberal Party of Canada is taking most of the seats, not a majority government but as a minority government. The required number of seats is 170 to be a majority government. Just like the Liberals, the conservatives are going to have less than 170 seats, therefore, they will also form a minority government. It is the majority government that will determine who will be the next prime minister. In this case that there will be no majority government, the incumbent or current prime minister will stay in his position. In the previous 2015 Federal Election, the Liberal party won 184 seats versus 99 seats for the conservatives. With the unofficial count, the power of conservative in the House of Commons will strengthen to roughly 120 seats.

Regardless of your political opinion, I would like to thank every Canadian who participated in yesterday's election. This process of setting up the government with the citizens' participation plays a vital role in the democracy of our country. Whatever the official result of this election, the true power of Canada lies in its citizen, not with its leader. Other countries do not even have the privilege to chose their leaders, rather they are born. Imagine living in a country where people are dictated by its leader, there is no true liberty.

If Justin Trudeau stays as Prime Minister of Canada, then I would like to congratulate him not because of any political reasons but because I am another human to congratulate the success of another person. Same it goes if one way or the other, that Andrew Scheer becomes the Prime Minister. To everyone who ran in the election, whether you will win or not, congratulations to all your initiatives. We needs good leaders.

To everyone who voted for the first time, congratulations also for taking the step to protect our democracy. Again, the true power of Canada lies in the number of its citizens who are taking action to vote. If the number of people who did not vote rises, then the country's power will fall. I know there are many Canadians who will be unhappy with the results and will think that election is a joke. But at the end of the day, they should just appreciate how privileged is Canada compared to another country. If we learned to accept things as they are, whether its politics or life in general, more Canadians will be happy.

Because of hardship in life, it is easy to pinpoint another person for it. Because we all pay taxes in Canada, we are critical to the government. When you work for the whole day, part of your earnings must go to the welfare of the country, which is handled by the government. It is easy to see that the time you spent working so you can pay tax can simply be translated to working for the government. You may even conclude that this is a form of slavery as it violates your rights to do whatever you want to do with yourself and possession. But if you contemplate this, you may understand that life is complex.

I hope that we can be more calm about the election. You may have an opinion on whether where the welfare of Canada should benefit the country as a whole or to its units like provinces or citizens or unique citizens like you. If none of the political parties align with your goal, then perhaps you should be the leader. Anyways, I define leadership is the difference with others. Many the difference in your values is what we needed in this country.

In conclusion, whoever the leaders get elected, I hope that you will be good at what you will do. I hope that you will find those struggling artists who needed help. I hope that you will do the right thing with the economic resources of the country. I hope that you will exercise justice and protect this country. I hope that you would never think that you are the boss of this country but rather the servants of this country. Lastly, do not dare steal the money of Canadians or I will personally kick you out of the government.

Canada, stay warm. Winter is on its way. :)

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