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The Canmore Singers

Hello singers!

Please let me welcome to The Canmore Singers.

2020 is the year where many of our plans broke. One of my plans is to establish a new choir group in my community but the idea was not feasible anymore because of the restrictions imposed to act against the pandemic. Singing in groups was discouraged to prevent the transmission of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

But despite of that, my hopes drove me to the thoughts of establishing a “Virtual Choir”. These days, the emergence of Virtual Choirs has spiked in numbers. Truly that the pandemic has changed the world, but it is now for us to see the beauty in the changes. Who would have thought that people from difference countries in the world can sing together virtually using the power of Internet?

Let me introduce myself, my name is Jyn San Miguel and I will be the conductor of The Canmore Singers. We will us technology to sing together in a choir. Most of our pieces will be based on a SABT arrangement (Soprano-Alto-Tenor-Bass). Do not worry if you can not read musical notations, in time, you will learn how to read music. For now, just sing your heart away.

Although I am calling the group “The Canmore Singers”, anyone from all over the world is welcome to join. Technology will make this happen. For more detalis, please do not hesitate to message the Facebook page of The Canmore Singers.

With kind regards,

Jyn San Miguel

Conductor of The Canmore Singers

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