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My Second Canadian Rockies Summit: Windtower

The name of the second mountain summit I have reached speaks for itself. And this was probably one of the most unexpected hike, yet thrilling. It was only about a week after my first summit (June 5) when I did this mountain - June 11 2016.

On this day, I was wearing running shoes, a thin layer of pants, t-shirt and an everyday cotton hoodie. I thought it was going to be a very warm day but little that I know of that the mountains has its own weather specially when its called Windtower.

Here's the video of the summit:

But despite the cold, mini snow storm on top and a brutal condition for a beginner hiker, my friend Ewen and I still pursued to make it to the summit. And of course, we made it!

I think, besides from the summit, my favorite part of this hike is the scenery at Wind Pass (about half way to the summit):

I have probably done this hike about 4-5 times now and has became an easy hike for me. Aside from Ewen, a few of the people I hike this mountain with were Dorothy (from France). Katie and Ben (from Australia), Sandrine (from Toronto) and Jeremy (Canmore).

Here are some pictures of the hike: Enjoy!

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