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My First Canadian Rockies Summit: East End of Rundle (EEOR)

EEOR – East End of Rundle (2,530 meters or 8,300 feet) - Territory of Banff National Park but access is from Canmore, Alberta.

June 5 2016 marks the very first summit I have hiked in the Canadian Rockies - The East End of Rundle Mountain also know as EEOR. It was Ewen and Joe who were there with me. Joe happens to be a hiking first timer at the time.

As I can remember, the hike was tough because of the steep gravel on top. It was hectic and at some point, I felt like I want to give up. I was not sure if my hiking mates feel the same way but we ended up taking good breaks and them we kept going.

I was the last in the group to reach the summit. As I was approaching the peak, I hear people's voices cheering me up. When I reached the peak, they gave me a high five. It was unbelievable that I have made it to the summit. The sky was clear and the view of the town of Canmore was outstanding from 2,530 meters high!

We hangout on top for a while, had some snack and whatnot. But still, I guess it has been 2 years now and I still cannot believe I made it on top.

So this year (2018) on May 20, I decided to reach the summit the second time around with my friend Jeremy. And it was quite an adventure!

Here are some pictures of my first time doing it:

Here are the photos of doing it the second time around:

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