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Moral Lessons from the Netflix Show "Breaking Bad"

You know that you love something your doing when you think about it a lot. For me, this is writing. Writing is a great way to be creative. It's an art that anyone can learn with or without a teacher. While resting from writing, I spent time watching the show Breaking Bad on Netflix. The last episode happened last night and it has been very interesting. This made me thought of writing lessons that can be learned from that show. Here are some of the lessons that can be worth sharing:

1. Read.

Reading is very important not only for the readers but also for the writers. Although it may sound confusing, this can be explained. When we think about reading, we think about the readers, of course that is an obvious logic. However; if one will step back a bit, it's purpose extends to the writers. The writer's write so the readers will read. Reading is related to the show because if the characters read more, it would be a shorter story. For example, the last title of the episode is called Felina and this is why:

Credits to Pinterest.
Fe is the chemical element for Iron which is the dominant chemical in blood. Li is the most commonly used metal in the manufacture of meth. Na is in tears.

2. Anything too much or too little is not good.

This show is very good because there are too many bad things about it. Some of the bad things about it are too much money, too much drugs and too much drama. When someone greed for too much money, normal things change. In the show, although the main character is introduced as a high school chemistry teacher who was discovered with cancer. His cancer led him to become an illegal drug producer. He made himself very good at it so he eventually became one of the top person in the illegal drug business. He made too much money and lost the most valuable things in his life. Although many people want a lot of money, it is not good to have too much of it. This also applies to anything of too much is not good.

Too much food makes you fat and unhealthy.

This is a screenshot from the show.

3. A good show has 3 properties: good ending, good story and good introduction.

No doubt that is show is really entertaining to watch. Watching this show puts people to a different experience. The ending is very good all the way back to its introduction. This can mean that when you're on Netflix and having a hard time looking for a show, go search for reviews and see people's opinion about the ending.

4. It is a good show if they make a parody about it. Check this out:

Aside from this lessons, many people have more lessons that they can learn. Thanks for reading my blog post. If you have any more lessons you would like to share, please enter them in the comment box below.

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