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Today, IT's the regular #fridaypost. Let's take a break from fitness posts and talk about Information Technology or IT. I started my college degree in AMA Computer Learning Center in the Philippines. The branch I went to is located in the province of Laguna in the township of San Pedro.

My school experience there was exciting. It is centrally located and there are many people downtown. There's a big market and one thing I miss was the street food. It has always been good.

There, I met a new set of friends. They all had interesting characters. We would study all together and eat after. We also went to karaoke to relax ourselves after a long day. I was a proud student and even achieved honours in my studies.

I was poor back then (until now anyways). Back in the Philippines IT school was the best option for its affordability. IT was in demand all over the world, especially the Asia Pacific countries like Singapore and Hong Kong.

I have enjoyed technology since I was a kid. I played around trying to fix and understand how broken electronic typewriters work and I loved to solve different kinds of puzzles. I know that there is plenty of opportunity in technology. It is exciting because it is one of the most progressive things. This gave me more reasons to go to school for IT.

I envisioned myself to be a blogger. That is one of the things that I always wanted to do. I would be able to to travel anywhere I want to while making a living. The fact that it is possible, is if this letter reaches you; then, this blog reached you out.

Welcome to the world of blogging!

Blogging is a modern way of writing. #blogger #blogging #thisisahashtag #GAMEOFTHRONES #endgame #avengers #captainroger

Here are a few things that I learned about #IT #informationtechnology.

1. Some of the most powerful people use Technology, Writing and Science. (such as doctors, politicians and businessmen.

2. You can learn all the programming languages and algorithms. But the real essence of IT is logic. Emotions have not been fully understood well in the world of IT. #futureblog

3. A good partner of it is neuroscience.

4. You get introduced to Psychology in an IT school, it can be in a form of academic credits.

5. Philosophy studies are great for advancement to augment with Information Technology.

6. There are plenty of jobs online and offline. Do not get your mind stuck with the idea of working for a call center. Instead, stay in the idea of continues education. Perhaps stay in school #judgejudy, if needed. Technology upgrades quick and it's hard to keep up.

7. I.T. doesn't need to be your only career. In fact, starting off and I.T. education make you better at any fields or industry you choose to. An IT degree can provide you with better edge in your career. For example, in business, your operations can grow faster with Information Technology Solutions. This may include improvements of communication systems to save money. This money can be of better use for your departments.

8. Stay close with mentors and good friends. Some of the best mentors are your instructors in IT school. They can also be your friends for a long term.

In conclusions, do not believe people who say there is no career in IT. You can listen to their idea but it has nothing to do with you, really! Take a deep breath. Yes, breathe in while you are reading, listening or watching this blog.

Now, close your eyes.

Welcome to the world of IT.


The Abbotsford Tulip Festival 2019 in British Columbia, Canada

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