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Is It Worth Voting?

Fall commenced just a little less than a month ago. Many cannot believe that summer is over. Four years ago, the federal election was held in Canada. Today, we would have to reelect, retain or replace the new government. Many Canadians have different views on how their government should be: some think that things are not looking good, some are hopeless, some are positive and many more different ideas. Retroactively, a voting system is used to help determine the government. Is it worth it to vote?

Many of us may have a libertarian-based philosophy. Libertarianism is the idea that explores the phrase "we own ourselves". A person has the freedom to do whatever the person wants to do because of the idea ownership. It is to justify liberty and exercise freewill.

For instance, when a person works, should the fruit of the hardship all go to him? If he works 40 hours, that means he should receive all the money he made within that 40 hours. If it is $20/hour, he should get $800. Unfortunately, it does not work this way. We established a government that collects taxes to service us. As the sayings go: "there are only two things inevitable - death and taxes."

Is it right to pay our working hours to the government, whether we like it or not?Therefore, instead of receiving $800, you will only catch about $600 of that and the rest is deducted to pay for the operations of your country. Did you spend more time working that week to just pay taxes? Or is that money worth paying for the welfare of the country?

The tax of Canadians is a precious time that they would rather spend other than working. Time is gold, and giving away some gold or equivalent to the government is not very simple. The citizen's responsibilities for their country does not end with just paying tax. They are also responsible for electing officials to manage the money that we pay from our labour. This creates various political views. You may be believing one political party is better than the other. Debates are held to give people an idea of who should be elected in the government.

You may also have a pensive idea that you do not care or will not participate in the election because things are hopeless. Or that voting is a right so you can decide to exercise this right or not. But hear me out. Despite all of the political commotions, if you look at the bigger picture, the real problem of a nation is the citizens of the country who do not engage with the progress of the country. It is the citizens who hold true power over the country, therefore are responsible for protecting our nation. Collectively, people who do not participate in the country's activity causes hardship that can lead to poverty. If you do not want to vote any of the candidates, then your reason must be that you want to be a candidate so that you can vote yourself.

I am not writing this blog to endorse a political party. I am writing to encourage people to think not only about who are we voting, but also why we are voting. Voting may be a tedious task but it is an activity to practice patriotism. In the upcoming Canadian Federal Election on Monday, October 21, I hope that everyone votes. The non-partisan agency, Election Canada will accommodate everyone, even people with disabilities.

A strong nation is when all the citizens engage in the welfare of the country. Canada is one of the richest countries in the world because of its citizens who protect the country. One way of protecting its wealth is by partaking in the election. No matter who runs in the election or who crooked you think they can be, we should still vote. Even though things seem hopeless, we should still vote anyways. No one needs to know who you are voting. It is worth voting. Do not lose hope!

Canada Day 2018 in Canmore, Alberta


You do not need to take a selfie to prove that you voted during the election day.




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