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How to Get the Most From Your Personal Trainer?

Once a client told me that everyone should have a Personal Trainer. These days, having a trainer is more common than before. They are there to guide you to your fitness goals until you are ready to be on your own. They provide you with customized program to save you time and get you to your result faster, eliminating risks of injuries and mistakes. Because of our unique personalities, It is usually difficult to find a trainer that will match you. But once you do, here are 5 tips so you can get the most from your Personal Trainer:

1. Listen to the trainers well

Unfortunately, most of the things that the trainer will tell you are things that you do not really want to hear. For example, they may tell you to go lower on your squats, eat less of your favorite food, drink more water, etc. If you already get your self ready with the right mindset, you will be listening to your trainers well. You will be paying more attention rather than complain. Even if your trainer appears to be wrong, just listen anyways and then talk about it. Communication is important to successful relationship with your trainer.

2. Hire trainer who aligns with your goal

Most of the trainers have gone through the a fitness journey that made it to their personal goals. This is what most of them inspired them to help others and became a personal trainer. These trainer with first hand experience are the best ones. Not everyone has the same goal. Say for example, maybe your goal is to gain weight because you are underweight. There are three trainers available: first, a model-looking trainer who is just genetically ripped; second, a buff trainer who used to be overweight and made it to what he is now; third, a trainer who used to be skinny. I would chose the latter one specially if he can truly relate to my struggles.

3. Great personality and strong ethics

You are paying your trainer but the money should not be the trainers' main motivation to help you. Your trainer must be passionate about fitness and helping other people. These are all reflected to their personalities and their attitude towards helping you. They should be organized, punctual, knowledgeable, etc.

4. Take down notes

Have a journal and take down notes even during your training session. People who keep track of their progress have higher likelihood to get to their fitness goals. By keeping your journal, you are will remember more tips and advise that your trainers will provide you.

I like to take down notes when I am training. In fact, I also draw in between sets.

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