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How to Get Rid of my Belly Fat?

Updated: Jun 22, 2019

Whenever people learn I am also a Personal Trainer, I get asked with a very common question - "How do I get rid of my belly fat?" Most people seemed to be skeptical that losing belly fat is impossible. They wanted to get information on the method of losing those love handles (also known as belly fat). Information can be a mix of facts and myths. Of course, people wanted facts so they strive to achieve the truth. Here's something honest: losing belly fat is possible but it takes patience.

You should congratulate yourself for making it to the second paragraph because many people will quit reading especially reading the word patience. If you want to be successful in life, you have to learn that success is not going to happen instantly. It will take hard work which is constituted with patience. It is about celebrating little success. It is about making many but small wise decisions and compounding them. If you want to lose your belly fat then it is time to make small but wise decisions which results in effective lost of belly fat.

Continuing to this paragraph is just another wise decision you made because I am here to try to help you lose that belly fat. I am not guaranteeing results because, at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to be in your best shape. In short, you will be your own personal trainer. You will teach yourself to make wise decisions with your health. Again, these are small by wise decisions.

You may start asking more questions at this point like: "What should I eat?", "What exercises should I do?", "Should I do more cardio?" and so on. I hate to break this to you but you will probably not get a straight answer unless you personally mastered the art of patience and making small but wise decisions; but, there are few guidelines that I can offer.

When it comes to nutrition, you may have heard of: "eat not to taste the food, eat to feel the food". The key idea here is to eat so you can feel the food. It means that depending on the food you eat, your feelings will be affected. Eating unhealthy food can make you feel unhealthy. Eating healthy food can make you feel healthy.

Sometimes, food that tastes really good, for instance, sugar, actually unhealthy in the long run. Sugar tastes good and but you probably know that sugar is unhealthy for you. In the long term, too much sugar is unhealthy because it would not make you feel good after all. Eating sugary foods can make you experience a sugar crash, diabetes, pimple breakout, cancer, unwanted belly fat, ugly teeth and many more. So next time you are having your meal, you, may have to make a small but wise decision: dessert or not to dessert? Next time you are in the grocery store, should you buy that caramel popcorn or not? Should you even ever go to the candy, chips and soda isle?

If at this point, you still do not understand my main point in nutrition, you are going to need to seek help from a personal trainer, nutritionist or just simply consult your doctor. Let them mentor you on proper eating habits. They may even recommend you intermittent fasting or a special diet plan. It is important to seek professional advice when changing your nutritional regimen.

There are many more tips for losing belly fat which relates to exercise, lifestyle choices, water intake and many more. The lesson I would like to convey in this blog is about the power of patience and consistency in making a small but wise decision. I will continue making a post regarding "losing belly fat". If you want to connect with me, you may go to the contact page or leave a comment below.

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