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Friday Fitness Blog

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

I did the 21-day fitness writing blog and it is honestly tough, but hey it's done! After that course, I decided to make writing still challenging but just less. For now, I will be picking Friday as the posting date. I will be posting topics about fitness but I may also include different topics of interest like arts, business and many more.

Recently, I have been enjoying writing notes while working out. I have been keeping my journal with me as I workout. I write down many new ideas. This helps me stay motivated. This is also a way for me to define my goals as specific as possible.

In many aspects, education is important to have. It has become more important than ever. It is one key to a better life. It also makes a community grow not just in population but also in knowledge. It keeps individuals grow which is an essence of human beings.

Education through technology is easier to access through technology. I recently stumbled a term online, "Collaborative Learning". It is a learning setting that is not too traditional where "teacher knows it all and shares them to student". It is a way where people work as a team to learn as one unit. This is a way to speed up the learning process without sacrificing its quality.

Social media has become a strong platform of collaborative learning including fitness enthusiast. There are many people who share what they know. People who find them interesting can follow them. They can share comments. They are allowed to present their arguments (as long as they are respectful). This is one example of how collaborative learning in the technology era.

In conclusion of this blog, I would like to thank you for reading my work. I do not know everyone who follows my blog but please know that I really appreciate it. Until next Friday!

This painting is for sale. Let me know if you are interested.

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