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Welcome to day 9. With proper education, dedication proves that you can achieve anything you want in life. When it comes to fitness, dedication goes a long way as well. I stumbled upon a video of an over weight man named Vance who had been inspired to lose his weight for 365 days. He has been recording his progress and posting it publicly in the internet so that he stays committed.

On the very first day of his weight loss journey, he started at 475 lbs. He started with walking with some friends. After several days, he gained 3 more pounds. While this may sound a frustrating result. He made a personal affirmation, a powerful one, that says, "I gained 3 pounds. We're gonna keep at it. We're gonna stay positive. My goal is to make this public so that I am committed."

"I gained 3 pounds. We're gonna keep at it. We're gonna stay positive. My goal is to make this public so that I am committed." - Vance

He stayed in focus with his goal, recording his progress periodically with amazing results slowly but surely. Finally, day 365 arrives. His friends and fans were there to find out his weight by then. He looks energetic. He weight himself in. The result, 277 lbs. He lost 198 lbs over the year.

I will post the video at the end of this blog.

Photo by British Heart Foundation


Because of the holiday season, many people recently are think about fitness. Usually, many think that the holiday season is an excuse to not stay healthy. Since people thinking this is only a once a year thing, there are lots of sugars to eat and less time to exercise. New year is the most known year where people come up with resolutions, for instance, weight loss or a healthy lifestyle

Usually, based in my experience being in the fitness industry, that does not work. In fact, more people fail on their fitness goals when they think that they will wait until the beginning of new year. This is when many gyms makes a lot of money in January. The reason for this failure is incorrect motivation.

Many people in the gym may think they know what they are doing; however, the reality is they do not know what they are doing or what they are there exactly for. As a personal trainer, I would recommend a beginner to start with a very important thing - education. Without education, changing your diet, working out in the gym and taking any supplements can be dangerous. Someone may have the motivation but without proper education, there will be a high probability to failure or may turn worse before the motivation.

With Vance's story above, he failed to lose weight in the first few days. My theory why he failed on this is because he did not had the education he needed on how to lose weight properly. While part of any success is failure, he has a clear goal that made him reach a 198 lbs weight loss in 365 days. Eventually, I am sure that he obtained the education he deserves.

My personal fitness story is the opposite. I started as underweight person who over the years gained more muscles, good posture and some athletic inclination. This may be opposite but the common theme we have is that education, motivation and clear goals will lead the way to success.

Because I wanted to not only help myself but also help others, I wanted to push my fitness to a different level so I decided to be a certified personal trainer. I also obtained certifications in Medical Neuroscience, Group Fitness, Nutrition, etc. Other passion of mine includes writing, hiking, painting, etc. For more information, you may visit:

Tomorrow is the last day of my 10 day writing challenge.

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