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Day 7 of 21: The Slight Edge of Fitness

It's been day 7 of the 21 days fitness writing challenge. The week has been really exciting. Doors for opportunities are opening up.

There's a book called Slight Edge that I have been reading lately. Trevor recommended me this book many years ago. I have been reading it then but I did not go more immersed in to it. But recently, I started to re-read it.

Slight Edge is hard to define in just a few words, and that's one reason why you have to read a book to get introduced to it. In my own words, Slight Edge is about the values of patience and paying attention to details. It talks about how big achievements doesn't really happen with one big drastic change. It also discusses the compounding effect in which little actions can build up into success.

In fitness, the compounding effect of Slight Edge is seen. It's your commitment to yourself that will get you to your desired results. An example is paying attention to food which is a key to a healthy body. If you're looking to get in shape, you have to exercise regularly, drink lots of water, sleep properly, and so on. Success in your fitness happens over a period of time but not as instant as over night.

Not because you bought a salad instead of a burger means you will be fit right away. Not because you spend and hour or two in the gym means you'll be in shape instantly.

Being fit is about making small decision that leads towards your goals. Each time you want to drink juice, milk or soda, why not opt to drink a glass of water instead? Instead of driving to work, why not go for a walk or a bike ride? With consistency, making small actions towards your goal is what really going to make fitness a success.

Think about it.

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