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Day 13 of 21: Nutrition as a Foundation of Fitness

As a Personal Trainer, I would probably be iterating the value of nutrition as a foundation of fitness. I can't over emphasize enough how important these plays a role in your health. I have seen plenty of mistakes people make in this department. I am also guilty of this because I didn't pay enough attention to my food and water intake. Combined with intense gym sessions and expectations, the result is frustration. No matter how I exercise, my muscles did not seem to grow.

I had the privilege to work with many other Personal Trainers throughout my fitness journey. I learned a lot from them in terms of working out techniques. They also all seem to also have a common theme that I did not really want to hear - nutrition. The problem was I did wanna gain weight because I am too skinny but I also do not have the appetite to eat. I have tried to find a solution to this. One of them is meal planning (this needs its own blog post). This is where I started on counting my calorie in take for the day. Eventually, I learned more about the macros - Protein, Carbs and Fats. Later on, I received a Certificate in Advanced Nutrition through Action Personal Training Program. Until now, there are still plenty to learn about nutrition. It's still a struggle but having education in nutrition is a great strategy in keeping up with it.

Another thing I found out that's a good solution to this is learning how to cook. I have a little big of knowledge in cooking but there are many resources to learn it from. There are the internet, cookbooks, cooking shows, cooking lessons, friends and family members who knows how to cook: they are good to learn how to prepare food from. My one piece of advise in the kitchen - keep it clean.

I have not seen or had a formal consultation with a nutritionist. If I get a chance to meet with one, I would love to take the chance and learn more.

In conclusion, there is no other way around getting fit without paying attention to what you eat, unless you are just genetically gifted. But even so, nutrition is important. There is a quote that says, "you are what you eat". For me, it means that when you eat healthy, you will feel healthy and be healthy. If you eat junk, you will feel like a junk and be a junk.

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