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Many people believe in the theory of evolution as popularized by Charles Darwin. This theory summarized that human beings, due to natural selection, came from the genus or family of apes. While many people can provide scientific evidences that human came from monkeys, my opinion is that human beings did not came from monkeys.

"Evolution of Software Engineer" from

To start with, if humans came from monkey, then why there are still monkeys that did not evolve? We see monkeys in the zoo, we see them on TV and specially in the wild, but why haven't they evolved into humans? According to researches, life on earth has been existing for about 4 billion years. This should enough time for a specie to reach an utmost evolutionary form, in this undertaking, human beings. Because of this, Darwin's theory of evolution conflicts making it into a fallacy.

In addition to this, it is very obvious that humans are the only species who has the capacity of reasoning and intelligence. It is in the nature of human beings to find answers and seek the truth. Unfortunately, science is not enough to provide ultimate answers. In fact, science can not even explain why human has such unique intelligence. Due to human's nature of reasoning, Philosophy (study of thinking, knowledge, etc) emerged, in attempt to fill in the gaps of science.

Lastly, granted that humans came from monkeys, then why some humans look like a horse or a pig. While there is a sense of humor behind that statement, there is a point to be made. Simply, humans did not came from monkeys. It is even insulting to know that some people believe this theory. Taking again for granted, for people who believe they are from monkey, may be they are actually monkeys. Maybe monkeys evolved from these humans.

In conclusion, humans emerged as is. We have special intelligence the no other animals has. There maybe people who do not take advantage of their gifted intelligence but they still did not come from monkeys. Many may ask that if humans are not from monkeys, then where did we come from? There may be many perspective to answer this question but one thing is for sure, humans did not evolve from monkeys

This is Naturo, the monkey who took a selfie of itself using the camera of a British photographer, David Slater. This photo became famous and made some fortune. Interestingly, this story became a series of arguments. Peta filled a case to claim the copyright. They argue that whoever took the photo owns the photo. The opposition argues that animals should not be declared copyright holders. In the end, David can not afford the lawyer fees. He also is unable to show up at the court as travelling from UK to US became costly.

That ends my day 5 of my 10-day writing challenge.

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