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Over the years, public awareness of staying healthy has rose, making fitness one of the biggest industries in the world. Fitness facilities including gyms, recreation centres, group fitness classes, and many more, have been flourishing in communities. Along the way, as more people become engaged in fitness, more personal trainers emerge. It used to be a luxury to have a personal trainer but nowadays it is not uncommon for someone to have a professional help. People hire personal trainers because of the quality education, effectiveness and motivation personal trainers can inspire.

Here is a photo when I am starting out with a few trainers. That's Karlo chasing me in a fun circuit training. trained by one of my Personal Trainers about 5 years ago. Karlo is now a founder of Restore Human in Vancouver, BC.

First of all, personal trainers became more popular because they offer quality education to their clients. When it comes to health and fitness, education is crucial. The 21st century is the era of information technology of multiple sources that may not always be reliable. Trustworthy information can be hard to access. One must be very careful of what fitness program to follow given that each person is different in what their individual needs are. Since there are always new discoveries and the fitness industry has been evolving rapidly, personal trainers are required to keep up with studying and collect a certain number of credentials to periodically renew their certification. While the personal trainer’s job is to keep up with the pace of the industry, it is also their job to provide a simplified yet quality education to their clients.

Secondly, the effectiveness of having a Personal Trainer is evident to many, from fitness models to working professionals. Countless successful people made it to where they are today because of direct or indirect help from personal trainers. Another reason why having a personal trainer is effective is because of the personalized program they offer as mentioned. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to fitness. Everybody is different. For example, a meal plan for a person trying to lose weight will not be the same for a person trying to gain weight. The Personal Trainer accounts many factors like lifestyle, medical history, nutritional conditions, disabilities, et cetera, just to make a personalized nutrition plan. Consequently, many people who do not seek help from trainers may find that it will take them longer time to see results. These people who are leaning on their own may also end up injuring themselves while doing an exercise causing extra time needed for recovery. A personal trainers’ job is also to make things timely and safe, making the personal trainers effective.

Lastly, Personal Trainers are good motivators. They hold accountability with their clients. For example, when a client does not show up at their scheduled session, it is the duty of the trainer to find out what happened and find ways to help their clients stay on track. Trainers help their clients focus on their goals and stay committed. Going to a gym or staying in a healthy diet have never been easy, but getting a little encouragement from a trainer who may have been in their shoes can make a big difference. Also, trainers serve as role models to their clients and even to their communities. Our society need people to look up to in order to stay motivated and focused with their fitness goals. Therefore, personal trainers help their clients stay motivated through accountability, encouragement and being a model.

In conclusion, more Personal Trainers are in demand due to the growing community. They are being hired by clients because of the quality of education, the effectiveness of their programs and the motivation they serve to their clients.

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