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Day 20 of 21: A Preview of Testosterone and Leg Exercises

This is a continuation of the article I wrote about push, pull and legs. Most people who are starting our in weight training, especially men, enjoy pushing movements. Pushing muscles are also very similar to mirror muscles. Mirror muscles are muscles that are seen in front of a mirror.

Ideally, if it was my client and they want a faster result, I would recommend them starting on paying more attention to leg exercises than pushing movements. Working out with legs brings a deeper level of benefits than just aesthetics. It promotes a higher production of good hormones and neurotransmitters, especially testosterone.

Testosterone plays, if not the biggest role, a huge role in building muscles. It is a hormone that would penetrate down to the core of your muscle cells and will dictate it to grow bigger. Although this sounds like a simple process, it is not. There are other key factors to building muscles including but not limited to nutrition, hydration, other hormones and genetics.

Testosterone is more responsible for muscle growth than the actual exercise itself. Having enough of this hormone lowers down the amount of body fat keeping you more muscular and defined. Whether you're looking to maintain, lose or gain weight, testosterone will play a big role in your fitness.

Testosterone is associated with masculine features; however, I am sharing this information as my personal experience. For women, I do not know really how will this be explained. But it is a fact that women also have a trace of testosterone, and it is normal and even healthy. My speciality as a Personal Trainer is the male body.

In conclusion, I highly recommend working on leg exercises in the gym especially if you do not do any sports that will train them. Any exercises for the muscles can help raise testosterone level; however, leg exercises usually involve other muscles, making it effective in testosterone production. This is why many trainers recommend compound movements like squats, deadlifts, standing military press, and many more.

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