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Day 18 of 21: Do you need Vitamins and Minerals Supplements?

This is a very controversial question. Some people will say yes or no. I say it depends. We all know vitamins and minerals are vital in nutrition. There are many of these with different job role in our health. Vitamins and minerals supplement are available in the market works in the purpose of the world in it: supplementation. Supposedly, supplementation for a healthy lifestyle and not the main source of nutrition.

Vitamins and minerals are abundant in our food we eat; however, due to our lifestyle, including eating habits, we are not getting enough of them. This is where supplementation come in to aide that. But personally, the goal is to eventually get out of this supplements as soon as the client is able to have good eating habits. While supplements are promising, our overall health should not be relied on them. I believe that supplementing is important but eating real food is more important.

This doesn't mean that I do not recommend them, in fact, as a Personal Trainer, I would advise some clients who are looking for a healthier lifestyle to try supplements. Not all will benefit from these but those who can understand the purpose of supplements should consider them. If you would like to try some supplements, click here.

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