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Day 14 of 21: Exercise as a Foundation of Fitness

In order to be healthy, the human body must move. Evolutionary wise, humans need to move to gather food. Our ancestors hunt for food and even harvest crops. None of those fast food restaurants or instant microwave goods were available. As an impact of technologies in food processing, humans became lazy. This laziness caused more people to develop different kind of diseases. As of recently, the world's number one cause of death is heart disease - which is caused by poor lifestyle choices, lack of exercise, improper nutrition and many more. In this topic, we will explore a little bit more on exercise.

Exercise is activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness. It is not only required for fitness enthusiasts but for everyone including people with special conditions (just need to find the right exercise for them). Generally, an exercise of minimum of 15 minutes a day is recommended. If you are someone who is novice, it's recommended to start slow and aim for small progressions. It is important to do something that you enjoy doing. Usually walking is one of the most effective exercises available.

You may eat healthy and drink lots of water; however, minus exercise, this may not be very successful. Without exercise, the muscles may shrink and unwanted fats will develop. Not exercising can lead to obesity, 'skinny fat', diabetes, heart diseases and many more.

Most people know that there are many benefits of exercising regularly. One of them is that exercise is a foundation of fitness. Have you done your exercise for the day?

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