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Day 11 of 21: PPL: Push, Pull and Leg Days

For people looking into body building, there is a technique to make sure that all of the major body parts are worked out properly. This technique is called splitting. One of the splitting techniques is called PPL or Push Day, Pull Day and Leg Day.

Leg Day entails all the workout involving the legs. This is the day where squats, deadlifts and lunges happen. I personally do leg workout in the beginning of my week and here's a separate blog post I wrote about it: Don't Be A Martini Glass.

Push Day means working out muscles that is involved in push movements. The main muscles worked are chest, triceps, anterior and medial shoulders, etc. The exercises are chest press, chest flies, dips, core, and many more.

Pull Day is mainly the back, posterior shoulders and biceps. The exercises are pull ups, rows and other pulling movements.

This splitting method is not set to stone. It does not necessarily mean that you are restricted to follow this program, in fact, it can be customized. For example I start my workout with a Leg Day where I may throw in a shoulder or core workout. Then, the next day will be my pull day. I may do some leg stretching and deadlifts at the beginning. Deadlifting is also a great exercise for my back muscles (mainly lats). One the third day, I may do another leg stretching or warm up like glute bridges, then proceed with my push workouts. I may have another workout day after this which can called accessory session. This is a day where I review or catch up on the exercises that I may have missed or a day where I can take more time stretching.

If you are already doing a splitting method like this, how do you do it? Leave your comments.

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