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Day 1 of 21 - Fitness Blogging Challenge

Updated: Mar 28, 2019

I recently decided to get back in to writing blogs. I found that there is some success in to my previous 10-day writing challenge. The topics were random but still a "challenge accomplished". This time, I wanted to write a 21-day writing challenge where I would be posting blog entries everyday for the next 21 days. There's a popular belief that it takes about 21 days to develop a new habit, and this is where I am basing this writing challenge. Day 1 commences today. In the beginning, I wanted to commit into a 100-day challenge; but, I do not want to overwork myself. It seems a shorter number of days would be a more realistic goal. Also, it wont be challenging enough if the number of days to is too small. At this time, it seems like 21 days is the sweet number. This made me come up with the 21-day writing challenge.

I choose fitness at the main topic of the blogging challenge. Personally, I go to the gym several days a week as I value my fitness. It always excites me to see myself improve. The gym community became one important social facet. I also enjoy making new friends there.

I am also a Personal Trainer and I enjoy helping people reach their fitness goals. My hopes in writing this 21-day fitness blogging challenge is to reach out to many as people who wants to improve their health and fitness.

I hope you would comment and share this blog. This will help me a lot to sustain my website.

This concludes my Day 1 of 21 Fitness Blogging Challenge.

Until tomorrow...

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