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Updated: Dec 24, 2018

I then decided that I to do a “writing challenge”. This idea started when I finally had the guts to audition for the Canmore Theatre. I tried acting but it was more difficult than I thought. During my first audition, I met Nikki Tate who is a very talented person. Eventually, I learned that she is also a writer and asked her for some advice. One of them is this writing challenge.

I composed my own version of the mechanics. Here are the regulations:

  • This event is going to be called: “Jyn’s 10-day Writing Challenge”

  • Everyday starting today, there will be one blog to post everyday.

  • All titles entered for the challenge must contain the phrase: “DAY x of 10: ENTRY TITLE”

  • This blogpost marks as the first blog entry and it is titled: “DAY 1 of 10: JYN'S 10-DAY WRITING CHALLENGE”

  • Writing can be at any format. It can be freestyle, artistic or creative writing, newstory, abstract style, philosophical article, medical and health style, etc.

  • Added regulation 12/22/18: article entry for the day should be submitted between 12:00 AM and 11:59 of the same day.

  • “Final Rule”: No rule must be removed; however, additional rules can be applied on top of the “Final Rule” including but not limited to amending purposes.

I enjoy walking around the seawall of Vancouver. During the day, I walked around Downtown Vancouver. I met many interesting people and at the end of the day, I watch the beautiful west coast sunset with my friends who came from all over the world. I took this photo one beautiful sunset at Second Beach, Vancouver, BC

Alright so I guess for my first entry, I would like to discuss neuroscience.

During my studies in Medical Neuroscience through Duke University online program, I learned something that we call, neurotransmitters. Now, for many, they are familiar with it; however, there are many others who may have not learn about it. For beginners, you can imagine neurotransmitters as “electrical signal”. For example, a robot is made of wires or electrical pathways to allow electricity to be distributed. The electrical signal serves as the neurotransmitter, except that it is a little bit more than that.

There are varieties of neurotransmitters that you can categorize through what they're purposes are. A few of them are: Dopamine, Serotonin, Acetylcholine and many more.

Learning neurotransmitters is one way to learn more about yourself. Sometimes you may find yourself doing different activities that would involve neurotransmitters. For an instance, playing sports, hanging out with friends or even just watching a movie are all activities that involves a medley of neurotransmitters.

I know my writings can be difficult to understand; but, if you read this sentence then, my writing will start to make sense. Look up and listen to the music titled, “Yann Tiersen - Porz Goret” and then read again.

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