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Baby Neurologist

Updated: Dec 25, 2018

In summer of 2017, I made an instant friendship with Dr. Charl Cavalcante during his travels here at the Canadian Rockies (where I live). I met him as a stranger and at the time, he already appears to me as a very interesting person. When later I learned that he is a Neurologist from Brazil, that made sense to me why he was so interesting. His perspective in life is really different than most people that I know of. He gave me another perspective in life through Neuroscience.

One thing I would not forget is our discussion about the compensation system which has something to do with neurotransmitters and how our body regulates it. I think this is one of the most exciting things about the brain. This knowledge is helpful to specially to people who have mood disorders, people who have strong passion in their lives and even just for an average joe who would like to learn more about him or herself. I believe it deserves another blog topic.

Nevertheless, I am privilege enough to get to show around the beauty of the Canadian Rockies to my new friend Charl. (Hopefully, he would send me some of our pictures because I did not take much photos of us). Anyways, after he left, I thought of looking up universities to study Neuroscience. I came across Duke University in North Carolina, USA. They are offering an online course in Medical Neuroscience though Coursera. Despite that I have a full-time job in a busy hotel and few casual jobs, I did not hesitate to enroll in the class right away. The course commenced in that same summertime. It was exciting but I failed the very first quiz. I tried consistently but my scores were worsening. I need to complete 31 quizzes in order for me to complete the course and I can’t even pass the first quiz. I gave up the on course as I thought I could not do it. But after sometime, something in me makes me want to keep on going back to the course. The process continued and I gave up multiple times. But one day, my persistence paid off. I eventually passed the first quiz - barely passed it yet still passed. I messaged Charl right away. I told him about this and that’s when he started calling me a Baby Neurologist.

I have envisioned myself that one day, I wanna be blogging and talk about the brain after I finish my course in Medical Neuroscience. I want to incorporate my knowledge in Medical Neuroscience to help people with their depression, anxieties and opening up their potentials. I want to talk about addiction, migraines, mindfulness, and many more. I know that this course will help me as well in my career in fitness.

After multiple times of giving up, love and hate relationship, and frustration with Medical Neuroscience and my instructor Leonard White, I have eventually attained my certificate in Medical Neuroscience. That is probably one of the sweetest day of my life. Now, I am slowly making my visions come true and this is the first blog entry about Neuroscience, and many to come.

I often get asked a lot, what did I learn from this course? The answers will come up in the next blog entries.

Thank you all for those who supported me. My gratitude also extends to those who did not support me.

There are so much more we don't know yet to learn.

Please leave me your comments. I'd like to hear from you. I reply to all comments.

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