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Hello Everyone! It has been a while since I made a post on my this blog. As for some who do not know yet, I have begun a business degree with University of the People (I will tell you more about it later). For the mean time, I would like to announce that I am now an affiliate with Amazon. This means that I would be starting to write reviews about their products and recommend them to you. I am quite excited about this because this is a new chapter of my blog.

Recently, my laptop broke and it led me to start hunting for a new technology companion. So far, I have always had very good experience with ASUS laptop. I came across the ASUS S410 with Nvidia Graphic Card. For the features that comes with it, the price point is reasonable. Here are my key reasons why I am considering purchasing the laptop: 1. It has Intel i7 8th generation processor. There are no other processor in the market that can match with the performance of the Intel i-series.

2. It comes with the MX150 Nvidia Graphic Card - this means that I could render video editing better which I was not able to do with my previous laptops.

3. It has a sleek design and very compact. Asus features a narrow bezel with means smaller body with big screen.

4. It comes with SSD or Solid State Drive - a new technology of hard disk which is significantly faster than traditional hard disk.

5. Most laptops in the market of with this features will cost at least C$1,500; however the ASUS S410 is only C$800-1040.

What do you think? Is this a good buy? Check out the ASUS S410!

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