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The Czech Guy

I met Jan at a hostel in 2016 and he was rather an unusual guy to me. This made sense to me that I found out that he is from Czech Republic. I believe that Jan is in Canada as part of his plan to travel the world; but like many other Canadians, he fell in love with the land of the The Red Stripes and Maple Flag.

The Red Stripes and Maple Flag. Photo by Toronto Star

Him and I eventually ended up working together at a Hotel in Canmore. Ironically, we also became roommates. That's when I learned that he is quite a funny character!

Excuse us but we look really funny here!

Him and I became good friends and had lots of adventures. He is so polite because he says "thank you very much" more often than a traditional Canadian would say "sorry". He would always be at the gym. He also taught me a few Czech language. There's too many of them to mention. At some point, he even broke his leg in an accident at work. Nice enough, the hospitality company we used to work for is nice to provide resources for him. I think, they even tried getting him a sponsorship to stay in Canada, but sadly, it did not happen. He ended up back in Czech but he is still firm to believe-minded to come back to a place that he can call "Canada, New Home". There are many factors that would not allow him to get him back. One of them is his Visa expiration. Turns out that Czech can only be issued by Canada a one-time visit. This is where it gets really exciting, Canada is not based on enforceable laws. There will be philosophical factors, in Jan's case, to come back to Canada and probably get a permanent residence and eventually, citizenship.

For, him, all I can say is that his passion to make his dream come true serves as a classic example of a true Canadian virtue. This also makes him someone to look up by his fellow Czech citizens and people all over the world.

I am sure others did it, many others more will.


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