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A Sneak Peek to the Life of A Millennial Writer

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Millennial are the highlight of this time. They are born with more technology than their previous predecessors. They are hated by many because their life is different than everyone else in the history. Kids used to play outside but now they have cellphones in their hands. The Millennial way breaks traditions. They are taught to work hard but they survived by working smart.

When I was in school for Information Technology, I have always envisioned myself as a blogger. Technology has been a very fascinating thing for me. When I was a kid, the Japanese inventions was really exciting for me (and until now). I am engaged to the idea that technology will help our lives better.

Being a millennial writer benefit me in so many ways. I have better control of my time and be anywhere I want, able to manage my finances. It provides me with a "comfortable life" where I can relax in my place with a cup of tea or I can be at the library with a cup of Canadian coffee while making a living. I can be travelling anywhere I want to go without breaking a sweat.

Photo taken at Canmore Public Library - Elevation Place. The library has relaxing views of the Rocky Mountains, plenty of natural lighting and friendly staff.

However, while there are plenty of pros with being a millennial writer, it comes also with cons. It is about the same as working in traditional 9-5 jobs. You have obligations to do. You have to be very organized and mature. You have to accept that you have commitments to follow. In addition, you have to be on top of taking care of yourself - healthy eating habits, regular exercise 3-6 days a week, making good choices and enjoying life. Unlike what many people think, being a millennial is not a sad thing to be.

Unfortunately, people think that the millennials have a short attention span for about 6 seconds. Kids nowadays are busy juggling different things, all at the same time. They are shuffling between being a writer, working in customer service, working as a doctor, selling paintings, managing e-commerce and many more. Many of the millennials are polymath. Not all are a polymath. There are also millennials who enjoy doing one thing at a time. There is nothing wrong with that. This era is the most diverse one among all other eras. This is the time where diversity is no longer a liability but rather an asset.

As a millennial writer, I can acclaim that I am also a polymath. Aside from writing for living, I am currently studying full-time business administration at the University of the People, I am also a casual Personal Trainer, a philosophy student of Justice by Harvard, a travelling artist, a fine arts painter and many more. I can manage all of these while still fulfilling my commitments to the gym and taking care of myself. Also, I have better control of my time and money.

This is a sneak peek of my life as a Millennial. See you at my next post!

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