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Grand Emperor/Emperor:
Highest title designating the sovereign of the Chess Empire of Canada. With the power bestowed by the small council, this is a lifetime title does not expire. It is the responsibility of the Grand Emperor/Emperor to designate a lineage of the title.  This role in non-democratic. The emperor reserves all the power within the jurisdiction of the empire.

Crown - is a pre-title added to a member of the empire/club to connotate that the person is next to the lineage of the grand emperor/empress. All members/officers can get this pre-title as designated by the grand emperor. There is only one crown person in the club and the title can also be revoked by the emperor. E.g. Crown Director, Crown Duke/Duchess, Crown Chairperson, Crown Member, etc.

Board of Directors: 
The empire will have a democratic governing body composed of leaders of chapters/club/alliance of the empire. These group will be called "Board of Directors". 


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