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Chess Empire of Canada started in Canmore in 2022 aiming to promote chess in various communities. At the moment we have chess clubs in Alberta operating in Banff, Canmore, Chess, Mînî Thnî. We are advocating for a chess community based on a culture of friendliness over competitiveness. We value kindness, inclusivity and sportsmanship.

Chess is played by millions of people around the globe and its history dates all the way back to the 7th century. According to, some benefits of playing chess include the development of perspective, improving memory, deepening focus, elevating creativity, boosting planning skills, increasing self-awareness, protecting against dementiaand it reduces panic attack symptoms. Also, joining chess clubs like ours can help you enhance your social life, belong to camaraderie, and improve your general lifestyle. Please scroll below to learn more about us and our schedule of upcoming events.


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The Banff, Canmore and Mînî Thnî Chess Clubs are grassroots initiatives built by the community. Our club is at a young stage and we will need continuous support such as chessboards, chess timers, volunteers, staffing, venue fees, operational expenses, registrations, etc. If you are interested in supporting, please contact us at or Jyn at 604-753-4035. We appreciate every form of support no matter how big or small. While we could not individually send personalized gratitude to everyone, we would like to mention a few people and organizations helping us. If we missed your name or organization on this page, apologies in advance and please let us know so we can happy to update. 

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A message from the Founder and President

March 5 2022

Dear Chess Players and Supporters,


Two years ago when I first asked the community for a chess meetup, but with no response. I kept asking around for chess events for a while, but Canmore seems to lack it. On February 18, I posted on the community groups on Facebook for a meetup, and finally, one person responded but asked to reschedule. On February 22 2022, 6 people people showed up.

Because it was successful, we called for another chess meetup for March 1. At Elevation Place, 30 chess players had come out to play, and I met most of you who have expressed your support of our initiative. I have continuously been receiving messages from people inquiring about playing with us. So Some community members and local organizations intended their appreciate this initiative.

For me, chess is more than just a game. It is sentimental because way back in the Philippines where I originally came from, it was my dad who taught me how to play it when I was a kid. I have never won against him. In high school, it was a game me and my classmates enjoyed playing during break times. During the pandemic, I have played so much on that unexpectedly, I made it to the 2021 League. During this league, my best record was one day at 99.5% percentile out of 20 million players globally, putting me at 175th ranking. I also had the opportunity to meet another local legend, Jonah who is on the 75th rank at the leaderboard. Also in January this year, at the age of 33, I defeated my dad in a chess game for the first time.

I want to thank one of our Canmore locals named Therese Amman Rogers for donating a brand new chessboard to our club because she heard our needs as a club, and she loves what we are doing. Aaron MoQuin, a General Manager of Canmore Premier (Copperstone Resort), also expressed the same sentiment and pledged to donate a few chess boards and chess timers to support the Canmore Chess Clubs. Of course, Tanya, the manager of Starbucks Canmore, has always sponsored beverages and pastry goods in the past meetups. The Alberta Chess Association secretary, Ian Findley, has also shared our club on their website and has mentioned that they are looking to contribute a couple of chess boards and timers. I also had a chance to speak with the Calgary Chess Club offering help to organize our club. Furthermore, I am looking to get the group as non-profit, be officiated by the international chess governing body, FIDE and get further sponsorships. Also, soon enough I will be needing officers to help me organize our club.

In the meantime, part of the challenge is finding a venue to host this event regularly. I rented a spacious hall at the Canmore Recreation Centre because I am estimating 40 to 50 chess players to participate on Monday (March 7). The venue is pricy, and I will need players and supporters to donate. I understand that not all of us can contribute financially, so I ask those who can be generous to cover for those who struggle with money. I don’t want money to discourage people from chess. In addition, we will need some funds to cover other expenses associated with operating our chess society. Still, hopefully, we can run projects and get more sponsors to help build future chess champions. I mean, it is not impossible to have team Canmore on the international chess podium.
In addition,  I also want to announce that we now have a website. It is or The website is still under development but there is some stuff going on there now. Feel free to check it out.


I am excited to see you all back and with more people for our Monday open house at Canmore Recreation Centre. We have a big hall to use; please invite your neighbours, friends and family. The more, the merrier.

With kind regards,


Jyn San Miguel

President and Founder
Canmore Chess Club

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